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Stock Photos & Prints

Stock Photos :

Each photo in galleries can be used for publication print for magazines, brochures, backgrounds, digital publications , excluding private galleries. To get permission to use these photos please email me which photo, uses, and number of copies you will expect to be printing. If you have a certain photo but need more space around the image please contact me to see if I can better assist your business needs. If you are wanting a "event" photo please contact me to get permission from event manager/coordinator or person(s) in the photo.


Photos can be ordered directly from here in prints to fit your personal preference. Framed or unframed. We also have other products to fit any preference such as mouse pads, postcards and more. Please see my whole product line by clicking the buy button under the photo. You are not obligated to buy at that moment, it will open up all product options.

*All photos are available for public purchase excluding "Livestock Advertising" gallery photos and "Logos"  and " Private/Public  Galleries" Photos in those galleries are the sole property of their respective owners. If you are a publisher and want a certain livestock/event photo please contact me so I can discuss the permission to release photo to print in your publication. They will not have a buy button below them. If you are a livestock owner I will set up a direct link with password protection for your purchasing options.

Thank You,

      Michelle Cox

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