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What to Wear2

   I get this question a lot. “What should I wear for my portrait session?”

   First off, before we get into depth ,  let me first say I think whatever you choose to wear should reflect your personality first and foremost. Make sure you and your family dress to what fits you, your personalities and your lifestyle.

  I don't want the ladies to show up in dresses if they absolutely hate them or the guys to dress in slacks if you are a rancher or outdoorsmen.   Because when it all comes down to it, these are your photos and you will be hanging them in your home, giving them to friends and family and you want to enjoy and love what you wear and how you look and it should definitely be comfortable and most of all reflect who you are!

 So take this advice as you wish it is not a rule for portrait session just a guideline if you choose to follow it.


     I like to start out with a simple color pallet and begin there. Same as like painting your home and adding decor, colors need to coordinate but not be to matchy.  Pintrest has a ton of great color pallets to get a base, don't feel like you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, take what you have, colors you like and lay them on a bed and mix and match , if it's easy on the eye, it will look great in photos. Start with mom, pick what you want to wear and coordinate the rest of the family around it. Give them a choice but mom pick your outfit out first, I promise it will be a smoother process!


    Accessories are anything from scarves to hats, to bracelets, jewelry,  hair accessorizes to jackets, sweaters, vests and more. These can take a photo and complete the feeling and pull it all together making your session just pop.

     Don't let it overwhelm you but compliment you, simple and sweet is the best. Layers work great as well , it gives you option for slight wardrobe changes without having to completely change an outfit. I will get into layers later on under textures and layers.


 Oh how I love layers and textures, they add so much to photos creating beauty and interest . Jackets, cardigans and scarves with a pair of leggings and knee high boots are one great example for the cooler months for the ladies  , and for the men a nice leather jacket with a button up blouse , a belt and jeans really make those men show off the masculine sides .  Plain or plaid shirts seem to me ( past experience)  to be a go to for guys, and they look great just make sure again not to match to much , lay them side by side (dads and sons) and stand back, if they match and blend find something that doesn't clash but complements one another)

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