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    Time of year to get those team photos for the season? I do not charge a session fee to come to your school or athletic facilities and photograph your sports teams and athletes.I earn my income from the commissions off of images  sold to kids and parents.

   I make arrangements with the coaches for time and place, send out order forms to be filled out and then I show up take photos of each athlete individually and as a team and offer them prints, memory mates , digital images and keepsakes for them to choose from. When the images are ready I deliver them to your school, office or coaches. I leave posing and locations up to the coaches  and teams making them uniquely yours if requested. My turn around time varies with what is ordered, usually it is 3-4 weeks from time of taking the photos to delivery. All images will have a online gallery as well for reorders and athletes that missed ordering.

All I ask is to please schedule me at the beginning or middle of the sport season so they can have them delivered before the season ends as well a roster to have in hand on " Picture Day" . I also if time allows I get candids of the teams practice for the kids to have as courtesy. I currently do not charge for those "candid" digital copies, but I offer prints for purchase as well from the online gallery.

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What payment methods do you accept?

  Right now just check and cash payments on day of pictures. If the checks are returned, your order will not be sent off to he print lab. Online gallery accepts debit and credit as well as paypal payments. They are a safe & secure payment method.

What happens if I am sick  or out of town on "picture day" ?

 No big deal, we cannot get you in the team photos that day but if you call me and schedule a special time we can meet in the same location at a later date and get your individual picture that day and you still can order prints and memory mates.

When is the money due to order prints?

It is due on the day I shoot. If you forget that is ok , but your order will not be sent off until it is paid in full. We will still take your photo and add it to the gallery.

I don't want pictures , do I need to be involved in " picture day"?

 Yes, I ask everyone to please take part in individual and be part of the team photos. You may not want a photo now but you and your parents may change your mind later on, all photos are put into a gallery where you can order at a later date. It will not cost you to have your photo taken.  As for the team, you are part of the team, even if you don't order a photo you are still part of the team , and looking back people may want to remember who was all part of that season and team.

Can I order memory  mates in the online gallery?

 No, you can order prints but not memory mates. They are a specialty item not offered through my website. Please contact me and we can order one for you. Payment is due before delivery. Check or cash.

What happens if my team or individual photos are incorrect?

   Please check your orders as soon as you receive them to make sure all names are spelled correctly and your order is complete. Names are spelled according to the way it is spelled on the order form. I do my best to double check orders and spelling before ordering prints but once in a while I do miss something. Once the error has been determined your order will be fixed and reprinted (if needed) at no cost to you.

Please feel free to contact me with any other question you may have.

Session Details & Pricing

Current Cost of Team/Individual Sports Prints

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Final costs will be on your order forms .