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    A milestone session is a perfect way to document your baby's growth and personality throughout their first year of life. Those first smiles, grabbing their toes, sitting up, it passes all too fast, don't we all know it. So let's capture them from when they are belly crawling to sitting up to walking to talking and even their first few years of school, we can document those moments as fast as they grow, so let me capture these moments in a beautiful way for you and your family to hold near and dear for the rest of your life!

Cake smashes

A cake smash session is all about the fun experience and memories. Nearly 365 days of diapers, feedings, and sleepless nights have passed. Whether you've been soaking in every tiny moment, or feel like the entire year has been enveloped in a fog, having survived ONE WHOLE YEAR of a new baby is a reason to celebrate! Cake smash photography for your nearly (or just) turned one year old is a GREAT way to add that little bit of extra sparkle to a first birthday celebration.  We can add balloons, confetti, banners, to mirrors and glitter or whatever else you can think of and let's bring your vision of their cake smash to life.

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||   Milestones  ||

What should my little one wear? 

You are welcome to bring as many or as few outfits as you would like! Props are limited so feel free to bring any ideas you have as well as favorite toys, blankets and anything to show off how old your baby is. If you contact me in advance I always love adding props to my collection and I can look into ordering props to fit your session that I can also use in future sessions.

Where will the session take place?

Outside on location of your choice. But if the weather is bad we can do an in-home session or we can rent a local buildings to do the sessions as well. A small additional fee maybe added on depending on cost to rent a particular space. I will not rent until we both have agreed prior.

Can my partner and I be included in the pictures?

Milestone sessions are meant to capture your little one, but I always love when parents jump in for at least a picture or two! I do recommend booking a family session if you're wanting more family images though, we can easily in-cooperate your little ones milestone in family session as well .

||  Cake Smashes  ||

What age should my child be for this?

 We recommend them being 11 to 13 months old. This means they are sitting confidently but are not yet walking and is our best window to keep them sitting in front of the cake. It is why they are often done in conjunction with their first birthday.

Can I supply my own cake or do you provide them?

Absolute you can , to keep pricing affordable and to have the cake that you desire, as well as meet liability issues with food allergies I request the client brings in their own cake. 

What type of cake should I bring?

The cake should suggestively be  5-6” with a soft butter cream icing and a light color cake inside (no red velvet). It does not need to be anything fancy, and most local bakeries should be able to make something simple. If you prefer, you are also able to bring a homemade cake. Please leave the cake at room temperature about 2 hours before the session to ensure the frosting is nice and soft.

What if my child doesn’t cooperate?

This is more common than you think. While you expect children to sit there all gleeful smashing up a cake it can often be the complete opposite reaction. Some wont touch the cake at all, some don’t like mess on their hands, some simply cry and want to be picked up. If this happens we take it slow, we do it bit by bit and help things along a bit. Most of the shoots we do will have some sort of cake related breakdown halfway through…..the photos simply don’t show that.

My child has a small scratch/bruise or their face, is that ok?

I know kids at this age are on the move! Lots of falling and tripping. If you child has a small mark on their face, do not worry as I am able to touch it up in post.

What if my child is sick?

It happens, If the shoot is cancelled the  appointment can be reschedule. Same on my end, it rarely happens but if I get sick I will reschedule as well to keep you young one from getting sick as well.

Any tips on how to prepare my child for their Cake Smash Session?

It is a good idea to do a trial run at home a few days before with a cupcake with frosting. Some kids have never had sweets before, or have a hard time feeling dirty or messy. Giving them a chance to experience these sensations for the first time at home can make it easier on the day of the session. Please don't use colored frosting for trail run , it can stain skin and will show in the photos and cannot be edited out.


Session Details & Pricing


Capture your child's milestones from 1 month old to 5 years old. We want to help you catch those sweet moments from the sitter stage , to the walking stage clear up to the Pre-K years.  Custom sessions to fit any age at any part of their lives.

1 hour session

20-30 digital proofs

Online Password Protected Gallery

  ||   Starting at $95.00    ||

Cakesmash Session

Celebrate your child's first year by a cake smash session , outdoor or indoor ,these sessions are some of the funnest memories to watch as your baby devours a frosting covered cake without worrying about the mess they make, sit back and relax and be prepared to love every minute and enjoy a good laugh.

1-2 hour session

30-40 digital proofs

Online Password Protected Gallery

||   Starting at  $125.00    ||

Child's Play

  Not your typical school picture, this session is ideal for homeschooling children and getting a simple ad sweet session for your growing kid without the stiff and fake smiles that those typical school photos give us. Your choice of location and a relaxed and laid back styled session. Also is great for girls who want a dress up photo shoot or a simple sibling or friends style shoot.

30 min session

10-20 digital proofs

Online Password Protected Gallery

|    Starting at $50.00     |

Please contact us for more detailed pricing information.