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103rd Annual

Old Timers' Reunion

June 6th, 2015

     A special thank you to all who attended the 103rd Annual Old Timers'  Reunion, we appreciated all who attended and took part in this memorable event. 


        Photos were taken through out the evening and are all ready to be viewed and/or purchased if you wish. You have the option to purchase photos with or without the Oldtimers' logo, photos with the Oldtimers' logo will be in a separate gallery.  You can purchase photos in print and/or download to your computer , prices and products are viewable if you click the "BUY" button on the bottom right of image.

This will drop down a product catalog, which will show you available options. You are not obligated to purchase by clicking the BUY button.  This site is secure and you can purchase items by credit card or by Paypal and prints will be shipped directly to your shipping address.

        I am also offering a smaller image size for those who just want to download a web sized image for their email or social media sites. Remember these will not print at high resolution so if you do print them the quality is much lower and might not turn out well. If you wish to print images please get the high resolution or original image.


      If you wish for a specialized size please contact me by email to see if I can better assist your order. Thank You for your purchase and support. Please feel free to leave comments on my guestbook page, I love hearing your feedback.

If you choose to purchase photos without the Oldtimers' logo, please be respectful of my work and respect my images without my watermark. 

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  Michelle Cox Photography