2016 Dance & Tumbling Recital - Michelle Cox Photography, LLC.

2016 Dance & Tumbling Recital

May 7th & 8th

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    Please feel free to download a copy of your kids or yourself, these are all courtesy free full sized images. I do not offer prints for sale but they will download straight to your computer and you are free to take them and print for yourself , your friends and family and for your kids or your own scrapbooks. Thank you to all who performed you all did wonderful job.

Thank you,

Michelle Cox Photography

Note:  These images were shot in really low light and large copies over 11x14 may be fuzzy or be grainy, anything under that should print nicely. Also please select the download button,  (it's the arrow with the line under in the right hand corner of the image)

Right-clicking the image will not give you the full resolution of the image, it saves it to your computer with only a quarter of the size the image actually is and will loose print quality.  Thank you again, and I hope I got everyone at least a couple times , thank you for all your hard work!

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Saturday's Performance Galleries

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Sunday's Performance Galleries

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