About The Photographer - Michelle Cox Photography, LLC.


Who’s Behind the lens…

    Hi, I’m Michelle Cox of Michelle Cox Photography, LLC. I am a 33 year old photographer, mother of two and wife of almost thirteen years living in Meeker Colorado.

Not just a landscape, wildlife and nature photographer I also find my passion in portraits and event photography. I love spending time with families, couples, children & seniors on the portrait side of my work and spending my time in local community events such as the Meeker Classics Sheepdog and Cattledog trials held here in Meeker, CO. I enjoy capturing rodeo events, recreational events and more.


A little background…

    Born and raised in a small town and ranching community I grew up loving photography. Raised on a 4 generation cattle & sheep ranch tucked up in the Williams Fork Valley of Hamilton, Colorado I picked up my first camera , a 110 Kodak film camera as one of my first 4-H projects , my dad as my photography leader taught me the basics of photography.

   I don't even know how many rolls of film I ran through that camera or how many miles I walked to capture all what a young child thought was picture perfect but then I knew I fell in love with it, and the passion never left me. I truly feel God blessed with a gift and a eye for the world around me and desire to share it with people around me . I really love what I do and every session or event I do i never consider it work!


I now call Meeker my home now going on thirteen years where I met the love of my life and my biggest fan and support system Jerry, a Meeker lifelong resident where his family’s roots run deep here as well . We have a beautiful family now with two sweet beautiful girls ages seven and three that keep us on our toes and running constantly as all kids do.

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My experience...

    I started out in film in 4-H photography but when digital came along I grew with it and kept a good understanding of how light, composition and settings go hand in hand. Having a formal education in photography doesn't necessarily make you a professional or even a great photographer. An eye, and passion for it, I believe are my greatest assets to my career and success. I do spend a lot of time researching and taking online classes to help me keep growing but when it comes down to it , I am always taking what I learn in the field and putting it to use.

    Experience is nothing I lack as well; I have been taking portraits over 10 plus years and photos of landscape, nature, scenery and animals since the age of eight. I just recently decided to make my passion an actual business. I was taking portraits many years ago but after they start of my family I took a slight break and took on only friends and family in my spare time, now that my kids have grown some and one has started school I decided to take it and build a future for myself and my family. I love what I do and I spend a lot of my free time taking online webinars, reading blogs, searching for answers and tips to make my workflow easier and make myself a better photographer and successful business woman.

   I am also a manual shooter, meaning I never shoot in auto settings on my camera. I want my viewers to see what I see, to feel what I felt when I took the image. If I see a child in a field of dandelions blowing on the seeds, I want you my viewer to see the child and the detail of the dandelion head and not the house maybe in the background, I will get down on my belly to catch that photo from the child's view, it is amazing how much a photo changes by getting in the dirt crawling on your belly can do.

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What sets my work apart from the rest…

     It all comes down to styles. Each photographer has their own unique style to images to make them their own. My style is natural and traditional but a very polished look with vivid colors that pop and mild editing to my images. Of course I touch up blemishes and shadows and pop my colors a bit but I take a very careful approach to how much I edit my images.

   A client once told me they liked how I “polished” my images but that I didn’t over do it. I want you , my clients, to feel beautiful and yet at the same time see yourselves in your photographs. Or when taking scenery to be able to go back to that same spot and see what I saw just as it is.

   I like to schedule my portrait sessions mostly in the evening light when there is a nice glow but not harsh light.  I understand my camera’s settings very well, so I enjoy manipulating my settings to get the desired effect that fits you.

What I bring to the session…

      Well besides my camera, I bring a fun loving personality. I am light-hearted and fun with a sense of humor but yet I bring class and professionalism to the table as well. I want you and your family to relax and have fun. I look for the fun candid shots, a few posed but I want you to relax and your kiddos to feel comfortable, your husbands to walk away afterwards saying “that wasn’t so bad, that was actually fun” and your seniors to leave feeling accomplished and excited to share their images with their friends and families. I love taking candids of your children and you will love the memories you will hold in that photograph forever.

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    My goal is to have you walk away from your session smiling, laughing and happy  with your experience and excited to see your images. Please ask around, talk to my previous clients, ask them how they enjoyed their sessions.

    So if your ready for a portrait session or event to be capture on camera, please allow me to capture those memories, your growing families, your milestones in life or those special events ...

  Together, let's make it a wonderful experience! I look forward to booking a session with you soon!

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